Total plantings equalling 9.49 acres over four separate blocks, each plated to P58, and each with varying aspects and soil profiles helping to build wine complexity in the vineyard.

10.40 acres planted over three different blocks. Different aspects and row orientations help provide a point of difference between the three.

3.19 acres planted over two blocks. Primarily planted on loamy soils over a rocky shale base. Row orientation of north-south allows for canopy manipulation to get the most out of the fruit each year.

0.45 acres planted at the front of the property. Planted primarily to blend with the two Cabernets and Merlot, it can produce a quality that could make a stand alone wine. The northerly aspect helps produce those intense flavours that are too important to the blended wines.

2.50 acres planted in a single block. The W/NW aspect of this block, with NW-SE row orientation, provide maximum canopy exposure whilst protecting the fruit from the sometimes harsh summer sun.

Two blocks are planted on the site, totalling just under 2 acres. The vines are close planted, with the larger block made up of at least 4 different clones, all inter-planted. This block has a mostly northerly aspect, producing darker fruit flavours. The smaller of the blocks is planted mostly to MV6, with its south-easterly aspect offering a different flavour profile.